Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions (back to top)
How to list your item/items with
There are two ways to list your items with If you are listing a motor vehicle such as Car/Bike/boat you can choose to register and upload your own item paying be KNET/Credit Card or call one of the numbers in our call us section and schedule an appointment for a mandoup to come out to your location photograph your vehicle and collect info and funds.
How to advertise a banner with has many request daily for banner ads. Based on the demand we have a specific team ready to handle all inquires regarding advertisements. Please call or email Rami Halabi for any such inquiries and he will be more than happy to assist. Rami Halabi - - +965-67039303
How long does it take for my listing to go live?
If you choose to upload your own item during our hours of operation which are 9-5pm Sunday through Thursday your advertisements will go live within the same day. In the event of weekends/holidays and non working hours your advertisements will go live on the next working day.
How do i register to use
On the top left section of the website /right if in arabic, click new user fill out the form with your personal identification password and info and your ready to go.
I am an old user how do i log in?
Due to the recent renovations to q8car old users will have to visit the obsolete registrations tab located in the top corner (right if arabic - left if english) and update your profiles to work with this new system. This takes less that 2 minutes so don't worry.
How do i contact the office?
You have more than one option. 1) Visit the contact us section and send us an email 2) Call our contact numbers: +965 22459385, 22459386 - Landline +965 24916342 - Fax
How do i edit/remove my listing?
Simply log in to your account and mark the car as sold. Once you do that the car will be edited/removed from the site. If you have used our mandoup service and have not registered you must send a sms text to +965 67781948 from the exact phone number used in the listing. WE WILL NOT REMOVE OR CHANGE ANY LISTINGS WHERE THE PHONE NUMBER SENT TO OUR PHONES DOES NOT MATCH.
Pricing (back to top)
How much does it cost to list my car/bike/boat/other on
Once you register and log on if you choose the upload button the corresponding packages and prices will appear. For customers using our mandoup service which is available only for cars/bikes/boats. The general pricing scheme is as follows: 10 KD - 4 pictures 20 KD - 8 pictures 30 KD - 12 pictures
How much does it cost for a company to upload cars?
Small car offices around the country are charged a flat rate of 50 KD per car per 50 cars/month. This includes our mandoups visiting your premises once a week to photograph your cars and collect any update information. In the even that a company wishes to upload there own cars we can provide them direct access to the system. You must call our office to inquire about this service. Each office will also be given monthly reports regarding the traffic and activity of their cars. Dealerships - Dealer quotes are handled on a case by case basis please contact head office for a quote from Jassim Al-Anazi +965-9933-4597 or email him at
Errors (back to top)
If i receive an error what should i do?
Due to the new system there might be a few errors in the first weeks of launch. Just refresh your page and don't worry because our system automatically receives emails if any errors occur so we will fix them as soon as possible.
If i am having trouble uploading my car what should i do?
Please contact our offices or email us the exact problem and during working hours we will try and help you as fast as possible. is currently not Supported on Internet Explorer 7 or below.

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