About Us was established in Kuwait in the year 2000 with a vision to become the first successful e-commerce site to service the used automotive industry.

The site was introduced at a time where internet penetration was low and the countries general economic state was not too attractive. As the years went by, Kuwait’s economy became more robust and internet penetration began to grow accordingly. has been around for almost 10 years now and has managed to finally build a name that is trusted and used by many. Today the site boasts an average of 20000 visitors a day and an average of 500,000 page views per day. Q8Car has become the online market place for used cars in Kuwait with an average inventory of 8500 cars per month at a time. customers are comprised of personal vehicles, Car makatib, and recently many dealers.

We have had great feed back from our customers. Today in 2013 we are proud to present the new and improved  The management has been working on this website for the last  year to try and give all our customers exactly what they want.  We hope you enjoy the new site.  Kuwait Car General Trading Company has also recently taken over and will be implementing a new system for it shortly.  We hope to continue to receive your support in all our future endeavors.  


This is a picture of what used to look like in 2001:


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